"Before I formed you in the womb I knew you; Before you were born I sanctified you."  Jeremiah 1:5

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Prenatal Care

You and your family can come to my Janesville office for an initial consult, to ask questions and to get to know each other. The fee for that is $25. If you decide to go with me as your midwife, that $25 will be applied to your fee. If you book with me, I will see you at the office once a month for prenatal care. Each visit will be 30-60 minutes. You can bring your children and anyone else you’d like to the visits.

Julie's Story

"The peace of a homebirth is incredible. It allows the miracle of God to shine thru. Vicki and her talents are a true gift from God, and our reassurance that He cares for us."

Laborare est Orare - To work is to pray

The prenatal care will include taking your vitals, listening to the baby and palpation, nutrition counseling, getting to know you and your family, and you understanding homebirth if this is your first. There will be several handouts on different pregnancy issues and informed consents/refusals on the various tests that are part of prenatal care in the medical model. You will have the right to accept or refuse these tests. Ultrasounds can also be arranged if I feel it is needed or you desire one. At about 36 weeks, I will do a home visit so I know how to get to your house and after that, I will see you every week at my office until birth.


I will give you a handout on labor, but I would like you to call right away when labor starts, during the day, or call anytime if your water breaks. I do not necessarily have to come then, unless you have fast labors, or you want me to, but it does give me a chance to arrange my schedule. At night, you would call me if your water breaks, or your contractions are regular and getting harder. I will try to follow your cues as to how much you want me involved with your labor. I will, of course, monitor you and your baby and offer suggestions, but if you prefer to labor on your own with your husband privately, I will respect that. It is your home and your birth and you can do whatever you like. You can eat, drink, walk, rest, shower or soak in a tub as desired. You can choose any positions for labor or birth. You can have anyone you like attend the birth, or no one extra. Many women enjoy waterbirth, and I have done many. I can give you more information about this option.


Anyone you want can attend your birth. You can choose any birth position you like and push as your body tells you. I will offer suggestions on positions if you need help. There are no medications available for a homebirth for pain. But most mothers find that good support, the ability to move and change positions and eat and to be in water is enough pain relief for most labors. The dad can help “catch” the baby, if you like and he or someone else can cut the cord, after the pulsation has stopped. The baby is placed on your tummy after birth. Most of the time, I can check the baby over, or give special attention (which is rarely needed) with the baby there beside you. A head to toe newborn exam will be done while you watch. When all is done, everything will be cleaned up, we make sure you are nursing well, you are also checked over, and then you and baby will be tucked into bed. I will stay at least 2 hours and will not leave until you and baby are stable.

Postpartum Care

I will stay in touch by phone for the first 24 hours. Then I will come to your home on day 2 for another postpartum and newborn exam. At that time, I will offer the State Newborn Screen for your baby.  I will then see you and baby back at my office at the end of week 2 and between week 4-6 for a check-up. 

Closing thoughts

I tend to be a more “hands-off” kind of midwife unless something is needed. Most families prefer this. But if you prefer more active support from me, I will provide it. It is important that we establish a good rapport and communications with each other during your pregnancy. If there is anything special you would like for your birth or at anytime you feel I am not meeting your needs, please speak up. I want you to have a joyful, safe and ful-filling birth experience. And I want to meet your needs in whatever way possible.


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