"Before I formed you in the womb I knew you; Before you were born I sanctified you."  Jeremiah 1:5

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Angela's Story

I had two healthy homebirths.  I cannot imagine doing it any other way!  My husband and I were in charge of the birth process, beginning to end...the midwife was there to monitor the baby and answer any questions.  It was a wonderful feeling of empowerment that she was able to give to us!  My husband lights up when he talks about how he delivered our two girls!  Big sister was also able to be a big part of both births; I felt it was important for her to really feel included.  My first daughter was a very lengthy birth (completely mom's fault!!), and there is no doubt in my mind that there would have been some serious interventions had we been at the hospital.  My second daughter was delivered quickly.  She was able to take a walk around the flower garden with dad within an hour of her birth; I don't think you are going to see that happen in any other setting!  I am so grateful that I was able to deliver my girls at home...Thank you, Vicki!

Tomara's Story

Our two homebirths with Vicki were such different and wonderful experiences - such a stark contrast to our first son's hospital birth! Vicki was very knowledgeable, helpful and patient! As a VBAC mom, Vicki understood the emotional hurdles I had to overcome and gave me time to work through my self doubt. Homebirth was a blessing to our family and a great healing, empowering experience for this mom!

Cyndy's Story

 "I've had seven wonderful homebirths with Vicki. (Before homebirth, we had one birth in the hospital.) She's remarkably gifted with knowing my needs, whether it's for some quiet or for strong encouragement. These seven births were the perfect end to pregnancy and the perfect start for life outside the womb. Our family thanks God for homebirth and giving us just the right attendant."

And John says, "I would take Vicki over a roomful of the top 100 ObGyns."

Theresa's Story

After having five hospital births, plus two losses in the hospital I was ready for a change in my maternity care and how my babies entered the world. Vicki was great. She provided me with the hands-off care I desired and allowed my husband and I be in charge of our birth experience. I was able to birth my last two babies using positions that felt more natural to me than having to be in a prone position in a hospital bed. Home birth gave us the privacy we longed for and two happy, healthy babies were the result of our lovely home births. One added benefit that I noticed from our home births is the faster bonding time with our babies since we were never separated from them. My husband also seems to have experienced a different kind of bond with our home birth babies. We am looking forward to another home birth with Vicki in 2010.

Lindsey's Story


I had two home births, and both of them went extremely well. Vicki (mom) was there for me whenever I had some concerns and she reassured me that I was free to make my own choices with how I wanted my births to be. I was very grateful to have had her help and support.

Michel's Story

Words cannot explain how amazing my homebirth was. I loved every single second of it! My husband got to assist with the birth of our daughter which was so special to us. Vicki was so caring throughout the whole pregnancy and labor. She took the time to get to know me and my family. I felt like a pregnant woman, instead of another patient. I got to be in control, try the labor positions that I wanted to try. I didn't feel rushed. I let nature take its course and I think that affected the birth of our daughter in every way. She was aware and her and I got our special moment that I had so looked forward to right after she was born. Almost indescribable how much I loved my homebirth. If I could go back to the moment I went into labor with my daughter, and the day she was born I would in a heartbeat. I honestly wish I could do it all over again it was that amazing!


Vicki has been a gift to us. Her experience and knowledge joins with her temperament to make her an excellent partner in the birthing process. During our delivery, Vicki exuded calm, joining in at just the right times to offer her expertise. Even in our pre and postnatal visits this insight was evident, and we quickly realized that if Vicki says something is important, it is. This made things very clear for us and helped us to avoid unnecessary worries and focus on the main things. This gift of clarity is a part of Vicki's unique offerings as a midwife. We would highly recommend her to any family.

Stacey's Story


There's nothing like having a baby, in a relaxed, familiar environment. I was able to labor quietly in my own home with no distractions. My older children were able to see her right after she was born, and my husband stayed right by my side. Vicki was very calm and reassuring. She blends professionalism and personal attention very well.

Sharon's Story

Vicki is a courageous midwife with mom's and baby's safety and wellbeing of primary importance to her. She has a mastery of midwifery in my opinion. I felt a great peace knowing I could trust her wisdom, judgment and skill. She knows the importance of letting the body do what God designed it to do and she knows when and how to intervene. I was grateful that my little boy and I were spared all the hospital interventions. He was quickly so bright eyed, perky and strong as home birth babies tend to be!  Thank you so much, Vicki! 


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